What do you do when you want to travel from Point A to Point B when you have a stack of LPs tucked under your arm? Your desire to make that trek is just as important as protecting your precious cargo of vinyl. Every LP is a work of art and deserves to be treated as such. This is why we handle them so gingerly after making our purchases. There’s a certain amount of pride in caring for our audio treasures, especially when we want to take them with us on a short jaunt across town… or even across the street.


However, what if we want to transport a decent stack of records with us instead of just one or two?  Maybe take them to a DJ gig?  Or to an all-night LP listening party with friends?  Well, the answer you seek is here, my friends! While it may not be made to dangle from your bicycle’s handlebars, the  VINYL STYL™ VS-A-010 GROOVE RECORD CARRYING CASE is the perfect way to transport 30+ vinyl LPs safely and securely.
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